The groundhog lied

On Tuesday, huge thunderstorms rolled through Austin and my training was canceled. Wednesday was still drizzly and unpleasant, so when the sun came out today, I knew I’d need to get in four or five miles on the trails during my son’s lacrosse practice.

IMG_5074The temperature was in the 50s (completely bizarre for April–clearly not what Punxsutawney Phil predicted)¬† and winds kicked up little waves in the puddles left over from the rains. The normally-stagnant creek that runs through the complex even had water running through it.

I left my water bottle in my car this time, so whenever I passed it I stopped for water. Unlocking the car took more time than just grabbing the bottle, but I didn’t want a repeat of the Case of the Missing Water Bottle either.

For the first 3.5 miles I listened to last week’s hilarious episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me–at one point I know I laughed out loud… something about Microsoft, condoms, and virus protection.

IMG_5072On the far end of the eastbound trail, rains had filled up a retaining pond, a nice change from the barren spaces that have been devastated by drought in recent years.

I felt great through four miles and decided to go for five. I switched to music, turned up the volume, and ran out to the lake for the second time. I figured I’d run back to my car and that should get me to five.

Clearly I suck at estimating distance, because I heard my Garmin beep a bit sooner than I expected. I wanted to stop at the nice round number, but I forced myself to push on, to tackle that last set of short hills down and up the creek bank. I ended up with 5.28, just in time to meet B in the parking lot, done with practice.