“Saturday will be the hottest of the year so far!”

Of course it will, television weatherperson. Of course it will.

Because I am running a half-marathon tomorrow.

Let’s see. Since February of 2017 I have run four half-marathons (Austin, Cleveland, Kildare, and 3M) and for each one, the weather was unseasonably warm. Even in Ireland, where the June temps are typically in the high 50s to low 60s, it was almost 20 degrees warmer for my race. Not only that, the days preceding and following each race were all much cooler. It’s like the Running Gods are looking at my race calendar and toying with me. Mark my words: heat wave in Pittsburgh the first weekend in May.

But tomorrow it’s the Zooma Half-Marathon at Lost Pines, between Austin and Bastrop. BRF and I signed up forever ago because two other friends suggested we all do it–stay at the resort, run the race, hang out at the pool after. Then a few months later, crickets from them. So now we’re grudgingly running a race that is rapidly shaping up to be a shitshow.

For one, they only released a course map last week, and it’s not exactly to scale. They have the half-marathoners running the 10K course twice, but even as an English major I know that 10K + 10K does not equal 13.1 miles. When I asked about that on their Facebook page, they informed me the map was only an approximation of the course. Well that’s good, because my run will only be an approximation of something decent.

And two, the aforementioned weather.

This morning I’m wearing a sweatshirt and the forecasted high is barely over 70. Then stick a pin in Saturday, “the hottest day of the year so far.” Sunday? It’s supposed to be 20 degrees cooler. Because of course. 


The race should be any day but tomorrow.

We’re leaving straight from school today–it’s an hour drive out to Lost Pines–so I brought all my race and overnight stuff with me. I’m sure I looked weird coming in to the building with a suitcase, especially since today is the last day before Spring Break, but we want to get there for the course preview meeting at six. I’m picturing an approximation of people giving an approximation of a talk–kind of like that 1980s A-Ha video where the guy is half cartoon.


But maybe I just need more sleep.