Because Texas

A winter storm came through Central Texas early this morning–it doesn’t snow here, but winter weather = ice, which means pretty much everything shuts down.


All area school districts and many major employers are closed. Overpasses and bridges on major highways are closed. The police chief and TV meteorologists urged people to stay home if they can. So here I am: fireplace, jammies, coffee, book, warm dog.

But because this is Texas, it’s ridiculous to expect the weather to stay the same for more than a day or two at a time.


And guess what? The 3M Half Marathon is Sunday morning. According to this, temps are going to be quite a bit warmer than I’d like for race day. Fantastic.

Because Texas.



3 thoughts on “Because Texas

  1. I ran the Houston Marathon on Sunday and decided to stay until Tuesday to visit a friend of mine, since I used to live there. As Julia Roberts says, “Big mistake. Big, big mistake.” I got him yesterday. The weather has been completely WHACK in North Carolina too. Just so cold and two winter storms. This is nuts. Mother Nature needs her meds back. Anyway, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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