Happy New Year!

Four of us had grand plans to drive downtown for the Black-Eyed Pea run this morning. But yesterday’s drizzle, which was supposed to stop around noon, hung around long after the sun went down and temps dropped below freezing. My deck was icy–the dog slid across it like Tom Cruise in Risky Business–and we even saw a few snowflakes.

None of us live in the city proper, and it’s always colder out here. S lives furthest out, and this morning when she got in her car to meet at my house, she encountered icy roads. So at 6am, she texted that she was out. C had made the same call last night, so it was down to two of us.

It was 22* (with a wind chill of 11*) and that wind assaulted me when I let the dog out. I hedged in my response–sure, I’ll go, but I’m just as happy going back to bed. With S the Taskmaster already out, it was easy for J to make the same call–which I left to him since he was driving. So the dog and I crawled under the covers and went back to sleep.

At about 8:30, I got up for real and weighed my options.

Yeah, nothing really had changed except that it was no longer dark. The odds of it getting much warmer as the day progressed looked … not in my favor. So I bundled up: two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, a fleece top under a pullover, ear band, gloves, and a windbreaker.

I took the dog around the short block to warm up (he started jumping around when he saw me putting my shoes on, so I couldn’t disappoint him) and then headed out for real. First mile went okay, but I slowed down the second and third miles–my legs were COLD and I couldn’t really settle in to a comfortable rhythym.

But I was better off than whoever left these sprinklers on at the car dealer. And by “left them on” I mean that they were currently running, spraying landscaping and cars.

Overall, I felt improved from Saturday’s run, but let’s be honest–that bar was low. The biggest difference was my mental state–even though I was freezing, I felt much more positive. Go figure.

I ended up with 4.25 miles, done before 10am. Which means the rest of my day involves hot coffee, fire in the fireplace, dog next to me on the couch, the Rose Parade and then football on my TV.


This dog has not left my side throughout winter break–he’s going to be in for a shock when I go back to work tomorrow. For that matter, so am I. 😉

Happy New Year, y’all!


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