Just when things were looking up, training-wise, I literally failed to look up and a soccer ball hit me square in the face.

Ah, the perils of teaching middle school.

See, when my classes have a discussion, I toss a small kids’ soccer ball to someone, and only the person in possession of Wilson can speak. Much like the conch shell in Lord of the Flies, this keeps the discussion from devolving into chaos and teaches them civilized skills like listening to the speaker and taking turns (if only Congress were this savvy). Well, during my second class Thursday, a student tossed the ball back to me when I wasn’t expecting it, and WHAM.

For the rest of the discussion, the kids got out of their desks and walked the soccer ball back to me (again, if only Congress had these interpersonal skills), and while I soldiered on, I fought a headache the rest of the day. Advil didn’t really help either.

At lunch a friend gave me a beanie baby pegasus, which became my new conch shell.


I am cautiously optimistic that even a teenager can’t throw a beanie baby hard enough to injure me.

But by the end of the day, my eyes hurt–I kept taking my glasses off because they seemed to make it worse–so I dropped by the nurse’s office. She was gone, but the office staff thought I should get checked out by a doctor. Sigh. I was handed a giant packet of worker’s comp forms and reluctantly got that ball rolling.

I still had to pick B up from school, so after I dropped him off at home I headed over to one of the urgent care clinics listed in the packet. No other cars in the parking lot, so hey, I was first in line. Filled out some forms, had to explain the absurdity of the incident a couple of times, tried to read the eye chart without my glasses (“Yeah, there’s a big E at the top, but after that…. “) and then the doctor came in. He checked all my reflexes with one of those rubber hammers, looked at my retinas with some kind of scope, and asked me a bunch of cognitive questions. Dude, I can barely count back from 100 by 7s on a regular day. And while I generally have outstanding vocabulary skills, after being whacked in the head I was barely adequate spelling “grand” backwards. But evidently I passed the test.

Physically, nothing appeared to be damaged or broken, and he didn’t think the ball was thrown hard enough to cause a concussion. But doctor’s orders: no driving, no working, no running. Use an ice pack and take Tylenol but nothing else. Come back for a follow-up Saturday morning. Because no running.

I had to drive home (it was only a few miles) but the tricky part was arranging for a sub. Fridays are tough–and Fridays in December are even tougher. Fortunately I have an easy-ish schedule this Friday, and several people volunteered to help with various classes and printing things and whatever else I needed. I hate asking people to do things for me, and I hate being restricted from normal life. But I am grateful for their help. ❤

I still have a bit of a headache this morning, but my eyes feel a little better. Hopefully tomorrow the doctor will release me and I can make up my long run on Sunday. Because I’m hard-headed like that. At least about my training.