The last couple of Turkey Trots have included some obstacle–one was the day after I’d had some blood drawn and I had no energy. A couple have been too warm. And then there was yesterday, or what shall henceforth be known as the Agony Trot. Which is unfortunate, because the Running Gods also gave me perfect running weather, and I was excited to finally put together a good run at this race.


At least through the first two miles.

And then everything fell apart. My lower back hadn’t felt great before we started, but it was manageable. Then some sort of abdominal cramping started rolling in waves. I hadn’t eaten anything weird, so I really don’t know what caused it. But I wasn’t even halfway through the race and I found myself barely able to run. I tried, but I had to walk a lot. My formerly-grumpy teen tried valiantly to cheer me up–and I appreciated that, even if I was unable to muster the proper recognition at the time. And I managed to run the final stretch to the finish line. I’m not sure how I made it back to the car, but collapsing into the front seat didn’t really improve my situation.

We stopped at a mom-and-pop grocery (whoa, there’s still something like that in Austin? I thought those guys had been gentrified out of existence by now) and raided their first-aid section for a cocktail that included ibuprofen and something that may have been Imodium. I couldn’t even identify what was wrong, so I threw a bunch of things at it and hoped something would help. It felt a lot like an episode that landed me in Urgent Care (with a bill of $8000) almost exactly a year ago, but I wanted to avoid THAT again if I could.

I felt a tiny bit better by the time we got home. A shower (and more Advil) brought more improvement, and by the time we were ready to leave for my mom’s I was drinking coffee and feeling cautiously optimistic. After the two-hour drive, I was hungry for Thanksgiving dinner.

This morning I decided I needed to do some kind of redemption run. Not too much–I have ten on the schedule Saturday morning–but something to get back on my feet, so to speak. I ran a fairly easy-paced two-mile loop around my house, then added a few strides from my driveway to the corner. The Agony Trot reminded me that I have a lot of work to do before 3M at the end of January, so now is as good a time as any.

My reward?


No ankle brace, nothing compression-y on my shin! I only ran the second mile (and strides) this way but it felt 100% normal. It’s still bumpy to the touch, so I plan to keep rolling it and trying to work that out. And for tomorrow’s ten-miler I might wear the wrap again just because of the distance–I don’t think I’ve run ten miles since my half-marathon back in June. But if I had to choose between feeling awful during the race yesterday and having my leg at 100% today, that’s a no-brainer.

And now it’s time for some leftovers.


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