Sunday Runday

Thanks to the Texas football game schedulers, who didn’t consult me prior to deciding on an 11am kickoff yesterday, I had to push my Saturday run into Sunday. But I think that worked out for the best, because early this morning a thunderstorm rolled in and temps dropped into the low 60s. When I headed out around 9:00, it was overcast and damp but not raining. Pretty nice!

I had originally planned to run five miles on the Brushy Creek Trail, but I thought maybe the thunderstorms would keep people home, and I really didn’t want to run alone on a fairly deserted trail. A flasher was reported at a different Williamson County park this week, and when my coach posted something about it on Facebook, a couple of people chimed in about suspicious situations on BCT also. I’m not afraid of running alone on the trail, but this morning the neighborhood streets felt like a better choice.

Yeah, five miles was my “long” run this week. But I don’t want to come back from this injury too quickly–it’s still not 100% yet–so I’m trying to play it smart. I ended up with, like I said in my last post, almost ten miles the first three days of the week. Thursday I ran four miles at the track with my group, and Friday I got in 2.2 miles knowing I’d be missing my Saturday run. That one didn’t go so well–I ran out of the tape I’ve been using as compression on my shin and had to use something that, it turns out, isn’t as effective. So 2.2 was the best I could do.


This is the right stuff

Saturday I spent most of the day at the Texas – Oklahoma State football game where once again Texas snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. Sigh. But I got in a lot of walking–13,000 steps–even though I didn’t run.

So that brings us back to this morning. I wrapped my shin and ankle with the correct tape, then headed out. The first half went pretty well–it was cloudy and breezy, maybe 65*. I stopped for water at the park, but after I started again I could tell I had begun to fade. I’ve been doing run-walk intervals as I rebuild my endurance (2:30 running, :30 walking) and starting back up was getting more difficult as the distance increased and the sun came out. The last mile and a half was tough. I got back to my starting point after 4.75 miles and I just couldn’t make myself even that out to five miles. I was DONE. Which is pretty sad, considering my training levels just three months ago.

After I got home, made coffee and had a snack, and got some laundry going, I got a text from one of my BRFs. She had run 12 (at hilly River Place!) the day before, and this morning went out for another 4.5. Yes, I know she’s training for a full marathon in December, and I know I can’t possibly keep up with her. But I went out for another 1.25, straight running, to give myself an even six for the day.

My running feels a lot like the Texas football program. They’ve struggled the last few seasons, and this year have lost three very winnable games (we won’t talk about that fourth one…). I mean, when your QB (not named Vince Young) is also your leading rusher and your punter is the player of the week (his punts are in the 65-yard range and twice he pinned it inside the five) you know you still have work to do on offense. Yeah, there are glimmers of hope in the true freshman QB, the defense that held the Big 12’s number one scoring offense to 13 points, and the don’t-give-up attitude from the team as a whole. But just when I think they’ve turned the corner and are back on the road to the Top Ten, they drop the game-winning pass, commit a stupid penalty that gives the other team fresh life, or throw an interception in overtime. Same with my running. I’ve struggled, I’m improving, but I’ve still got obstacles. And patience is not one of my virtues, with football or running or anything else.

Here’s to turning those moral victories into actual victories, and soon.