Pity Party

In the last six weeks:

  • my car died on my way to work and cost more than $600 to fix
  • my kid got the flu and we all had to take Tamiflu ($135 per person, of which insurance paid $10)
  • due to said flu, kid had trouble recovering from missed school days, and his grades reflected that
  • the Starbucks across the street from my school closed
  • our oven turned itself on in the middle of the night–we had to shut it off at the breaker until we could replace it ($350)
  • Rascal died last Sunday–it was peaceful, but that didn’t make it any easier
  • more … problematic things at work are causing me prolonged stress and anxiety
  • my leg, after more than TWO MONTHS, is still not allowing me to run more than a mile or two at a time–which is making everything else more difficult to manage

I’m supposed to run the ’80s 8K tomorrow morning, but I don’t know if I can manage five hilly, kind of pain-free miles. I guess I’ll decide at the last possible minute. Do I want to run-walk it and finish in an embarassingly slow time? Or DNS? Yarg.


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