Run from Hell: South-of-the-River edition

Rogue has a long tradition of torture via a route called Run from Hell that pretty much hits the worst hills in Northwest Austin. And occasionally we run at River Place, which is more of the same.

Well today, J was in town for work, staying in a super-hilly area. She had an early morning meeting, so we got an even earlier start–at 5:30 we ran up and down (and up and down) the neighborhood roads for four miles.

I took a picture of the route from the top of one of the hills, but it really doesn’t do the thing justice. How about the elevation map instead?


Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about that.

She was a beast and ran 95% of it. I ran… more than I walked. And we finished strong, mostly because the last .25 was downhill, but whatever. My quads were SO tired!

The hotel had left out small towels and an ice bucket of water bottles for returning runners–clearly we did not have an original idea–which was a nice way to end the run. That, and sitting down. 😉