Today is not my day

And tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

I got to bed late last night, then the phone rang at 2:20 A.M.. The Caller ID said “CODERED ALERT” which for some reason (probably because it was 2:20 in the morning) I did not take seriously–it looked like something robocallers use to get you to answer the phone. I suppose I would have answered if the Caller ID had stated it was from the city police, but I let it go to voicemail. When I woke up for my 5:30 workout, I saw they’d left a message alerting us that “officers are in the area investigating a robbery” and they’d have a helicopter helping with a search. Whoops. But they were long gone by the time I pulled out of my driveway and headed to meet my asscrack-of-dawn workout group.

The class, as usual, was difficult and exhausting–I think my legs were still tired from Sunday’s intense workout and Monday’s run. But that’s okay, I didn’t mind the work. Afterward, though, as we were getting ready to hit the trail for our three-mile run, my stomach lurched and I started to feel a little funky. I sat down on the floor for a minute, trying to regroup, and that’s when I noticed my pants now sported a hole in an inconvenient location. Super.

I pulled my shirt down to cover the hole, took some Advil and half an Immodium, and we walked over to the trail. My legs were so tired, I could hardly lift them to run. S told some stories from her recent trip–thank goodness for the distraction. But just short of a mile, both my hip and a little spot near my knee started hurting and it gave me the excuse I was looking for to walk a bit.

Annnnnd we pretty much walked the rest of the way to three miles.

today tomorrow

Tomorrow’s workout is on the surface of the sun on the track–between the heat and lack of shade, my general exhaustion, and now anxiety about re-injuring my leg, I’m not excited about running tomorrow. Everyone else in my group makes it look easy even when it’s hot, and I’m struggling.

Maybe I’ll feel better after a pity party a good night’s sleep. Maybe not.


2 thoughts on “Today is not my day

  1. Sounds like a crappy day. Hope things are better now. LOL.. I am sure that it helped to just write about it, and acknowledge that it WAS a bad day. Have a good Tomorrow.


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