Were you born on the sun?

It’s not just Wednesday workouts  that are tough during the summer.

What’s the weather like out there?

It’s hot, damn hot.

Thursdays at 6 P.M., it’s still almost 100*. The mile “warmup” run (along a busy road with no shade) just to get to the workout meeting place might as well take place in front of a hair dryer. Or an industrial-sized convection oven. Fortunately the workout had some built-in rests so I could cool down a little between reps. We ran at 5K pace around a neighborhood block that was just over a quarter-mile, allowing us to stop for water and iced towels after each loop, then walk/jog a short distance before repeating the lap.

About half of it was shaded, and one guy had turned on a sprinkler. He invited us not only to run through it, but stop for beers too. I only took him up on the sprinkler part.


I ran six repeats at a pace I was pretty pleased with; with the warmup and cool-down (also a misnomer) out and back from Rogue, I only ended up with 4.5 miles, but I felt like I’d run twice that. And the sting site on my leg had flared back up and was an angry red blotch the size of my hand. Before I went to bed I put some Benadryl gel on it and took an oral Benadryl as well.

Fridays are usually rest days, but I had to get up early to supervise as B checked in online for a Southwest flight–can’t snooze on that one! Since I was up, I did a short pilates core workout. Later that day, I attended the memorial service for a former student who was tragically murdered overseas. I taught him a decade ago, but once they’re my kids, they’re always my kids. On a positive note, I caught up with some of his classmates and was gratified to learn about their now-adult lives–college graduations, impressive career prospects, and other successes. But it was emotionally draining–and it wasn’t easy following that up by dropping my kid off at a friend’s house for a weeklong trip out of state either–so I didn’t get to bed until late Friday night.

Which made my 5:00 A.M. alarm very unpleasant.

But I got up and dragged myself over to Rogue in the dark. I’ve reduced my long-run mileage a bit for the summer, so I was only running eight miles. Two friends who were running ten invited me to join them on the way out. They’re both faster than I am, so I felt bad that I was slowing them down, but it was nice to have the company.

By the halfway point, when I said goodbye to my friends, I was ready to be done–which is never a good sign. There was no breeze, and the humidity made it feel like a tropical swamp. But I slogged along, walking some, and finished most of it before the sun got too high overhead. But still, the last mile was even more unpleasantly warm. And the blotch on my leg had gotten darker, parts of it looking almost bruised. One of my friends, a nurse, urged me to keep an eye on it and if it started hurting or I had any other unusual symptoms to get it checked out.

I won a raffle prize at Rogue, which was exciting. But I was so sapped–emotionally and physically–I didn’t even go out for coffee afterward. I went home and crashed on the couch with a movie. I planned to pick up some dinner at my favorite noodle place, but then a thunderstorm rolled in and I had no desire to leave the house. So I cobbled together a sad dinner and decided to go to bed early.

I started to wonder if I was having some kind of reaction to the topical Bendadryl I’d been using, so I swabbed the whole area with alcohol and left it alone, although I took another oral dose of Benadryl. Then I crashed for the next 12 hours. And when I woke up, I noticed the angry redness had all but disappeared, leaving just a small pinkish spot where the skin felt a little bumpy. Not sure there’s a cause-and-effect here, or if it were clearing up anyway, but either way it looks a whole lot better today.

I slept so late, there was no way to get in even a short recovery run this morning. I think I’ll stick with an indoor core workout today. ‘Cause it’s hot. Damn hot.


What kind of indoor (non-treadmill) workouts do you do? I’m a fan of Fitness Blender–I just stream it from my laptop to my TV.

Ever been stung by a bee? Assuming you’re not allergic, how long did it take for the reaction to go away?