Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Wednesdays are rough.

It starts with a 5 A.M. alarm that gets me more or less on time to an hour-long intense workout (today was heavy on the jump squats), and a three-mile run. The good news is we’re done by 8:00. The bad news is… it’s hard.

I’d already done core class + three miles on Monday and a Fitness Blender HIIT workout Tuesday. Oh and it was 5:30 in the morning. The workout itself went by pretty quickly, but by the end my legs were sore and I was dreading the run. Especially when the clouds cleared and the sun emerged juuuuuuust as we were heading over to the trail. After I’d left my visor and sunglasses in my car, of course.

Anyway, we went out our usual 1.5 miles and stopped for water. I was dripping sweat and felt like I was plodding along even more slowly than usual. S wouldn’t let me rest too long though–she had us heading back long before our Garmins tried to go to power saver mode. Taskmaster. 😉

So we finished our three miles and hit the path heading back to our cars. It’s kind of overgrown–we keep saying we need to bring a weedeater out there and clean it up a bit. But it was still kind of a shock when some unknown insect STUNG ME! It got me sort of behind my left knee–I have no idea how, because I was walking on the right-hand side of the path, my right side closer to the weeds–and the spot immediately started burning. Ten seconds later I sported a welt the size of a quarter. Good thing I’m not allergic.


I knew I had some first-aid supplies back at my car, but it was a half-mile away and with each step the welt swelled up a little more. S, the beekeeper, whipped out her Starbucks Rewards card and scraped over the area. I could feel the card catch on something, and then she showed me a stinger. Still no clue what kind of insect got me–I never saw it. But after her stinger-ectomy the burning sensation slowed–it still hurt, but at least it wasn’t getting worse. I walked the rest of the way with only minor-ish discomfort.

I found a sting-relief packet in my first aid kit, and that seemed to help. S also had some topical Benadryl (what doesn’t she have in that magic bag??) which helped a lot. By the time we got our coffee and were sitting on the patio, it was just a little red and puffy; an hour later it was barely visible. But this was more drama than I was expecting before 8 A.M..

So yeah, Wednesdays are rough.