Days like today make me wonder …

… how I ran two races totaling 18.1 miles last weekend.

Granted, this morning was about twenty degrees warmer than last Saturday and ten degrees warmer than last Sunday. But it felt a thousand times more difficult to get through a mere seven miles. Which kind of shakes my confidence for my goal race a bit, if you want to know the truth.

But I guess that’s why we take “down” weeks–so we’re not constantly increasing distance without recovery time. And that recovery time helps get us to our goal races, at least in theory anyway. Unfortunately the effort required to breathe through eleventy-billion percent humidity this morning offset any benefit I might have gotten from the shorter run. Every runner I encountered was dripping–wet hair, wet clothes–and not from rain.


It didn’t help that 2/3 of my run followed the same loooong stretch of road. I hate being able to see that far ahead, with nothing to break it up. However, at one point on the route we were a block away from my house, so I was able to take a quick detour for a pit stop. Convenient.

I originally planned eight miles, but before we left one of my BRFs said the schedule only called for six. Wahoo! But because I ended up walking through a chunk of mile three (see: pit stop, above) I tacked on an extra mile to compensate. So there’s that.

On the bright side, I have three more days of school–next Saturday’s run will take place on my first day of summer vacation. Onward.