(Oops. I wrote this a week ago but evidently forgot to publish it. )

Two weeks until my next race–a 10-miler–so I went out for 12 miles this morning. Working on rebuilding my endurance, although I planned to pick up the pace the last 2-3 miles for a fast(er) finish.

Yeah, no.

Even though the temps were cool and it was a gorgeous morning for running, my legs felt sluggish and slow. I am guessing it’s at least partially due to fatigue–re-entry after Spring Break is tough, made more difficult by, well, life. And pollen.


Monday I had a horrid headache, probably caused my the albuterol from my asthma inhaler, which I’ve had to use a lot more than usual this week. I suffered through core class and our subsequent three miles, but I was miserable and pretty much fell into bed when I got home.

Tuesday I spent eight hours at the Capitol, 7:58 of that waiting around to testify in front of the House Public Education Committee. But wait I did, and I had my two minutes in front of the microphone to convey several significant problems with STAAR testing.

House Committee 2017

That’s me (in the raspberry-colored shirt) in front of the committee

I’ve done this three times before and know it’s a long shot that any meaningful changes will happen this session. The gears of government grind ever so slowly. But I constantly preach to my students about speaking up, speaking out, and taking a stand. I can only ask of them what I’m willing to do myself. It cost me a personal day, $12 in parking, and time equivalent of a workday. But I tried.

Anyway, while I was sitting in the same chair I’d occupied since the hearing started at noon, I missed my Tuesday night training group run. Fortunately another Rogue group does the same workout on Wednesday nights, so their coach was kind enough to let me jump in. It was a 1.75-mile warmup, then 4-5 1K loops, and 1.75 miles back. I wanted to stop at four loops, but I knew S would have made me run five if I’d run with her Tuesday night. So I did five. Another group member ran five because I did, so I feel good that I could be the one pushing someone else to complete more work. 😉

Thursday evening I was going to just drop dead into bed, but I kept hearing S’s voice reminding me of the fast Irish people and I fired up Fitness Blender and completed two core workouts and followed up with a two-mile run. THEN I dropped into bed.

Friday’s a rest day–I stayed up “late” to finish my book, but I was asleep by 10:30. Up at 6:15, out Rogue’s door at 7:00. I missed a quarter-mile in there somewhere when I paused my watch to wait for a light and apparently didn’t restart it until it beeped “power saver in 30 seconds” and I realized what happened. Gah. So instead of turning around where the map said I should, I turned around when my watch said six miles.

I almost got taken out in the crosswalk twice (people blowing the crosswalk to right-turn-on-red), my quads were an exhausted mess, I had to use my inhaler a couple of times, and I didn’t really manage a fast finish like I’d planned, but I finished it. Actually 12.25 miles, to be exact. Not sure how that happened, but whatever.

It was ugly, and it didn’t inspire confidence for my race in two weeks. But I have to remind myself that I’m still working my way back from injury and it’s gonna be slow for a while. Especially since S tweaked her knee somehow on last week and is resting it, hoping it fixes itself in time for the race.

I don’t really expect to maintain a PR-worthy pace, but I’ll do the best I can do. And it turns out, this will be the 10/20’s finale-I’ve run all except the first one–so I’m glad I’ll be able to close out the series with five of the six 10/20 medals. Here’s hoping S and I both make it to the finish line.


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  1. You keep putting in that work, and you’ll do fine in Ireland…looking forward to pictures from that one!
    I had to drop from 10/20, still recovering from a bad accident in January – I was sad to learn it was the last time. But I just registered for an OCR here in South Padre in May, my triumphant return – I hope 🙂


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