Today’s project

Have I mentioned it’s Spring Break around here?

And I’m getting stuff done.

So much gets neglected during the regular school week–we can barely keep up with basic tasks like feeding ourselves and the cats. The floor gets swept and dishes get washed, but a lot slides. So while I don’t relish using weekends and down-time to clean the house, I do like having a semi-clean house. So while the guys were gone this weekend, I got the place reasonably presentable again.

This morning I got to sleep past 8:00 and it was glorious. So, as any sane person would do after a good night’s sleep, I got out the power tools.

I’d ordered a new medal hanger and it came on Friday, but I wasn’t sure how to arrange it with the two I already had. So this morning I tackled that project.

It turns out, if I lined up the screw holes for all three, the hooks fell at different heights. So I had to line up the hooks, which is a whole lot more complicated. I also had to situate them in such a way that hid the previous holes and didn’t cover up the light switch–difficult on a small wall. But applying tape measure, pencil, and drill I eventually got all three equidistant and straight.



Then I had to figure out which medals to hang where. Rather than continuing to cram 13 half-marathon medals onto the five hooks of the 13.1 hanger, I ended up dividing them between the 13.1 and the Rum hangers. Everything else–mostly for 10Ks and 10-milers–went on the larger one.

And there’s space for more! Which is good because I have several medal-earning races on the spring calendar. 🙂




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