Inching my way back

I should use Wednesdays for cross-training or strength training, but lately I’ve taken them as rest days because Mondays and Tuesdays have kicked my butt.

This week I did a weighted-squat workout on Sunday, then tried to run a few miles afterward. But jelly legs. Monday my quads screamed at me during my 2.5-mile run before core class. Which was alllll lower-body stuff. Because of course.

Tuesday was another hill workout. One-mile warmup, then two hilly two-mile laps at half-marathon goal pace and the one-mile cooldown. Since my injury, I really don’t know what my HMGP should be, so I just tried to run each mile a little faster than the previous one, including hills. And I did that, finishing all six miles at basically the pace I ran for my PR ten-miler last spring. It’s definitely progress.

By Wednesday, though, I was exhausted. We had tickets to a hockey game–in a suite–so we went to that instead.


Thursday I ran 4.2 miles in humidity so thick it might as well have been raining. In fact, some rain would have cooled me off a bit! I was slow(er than Tuesday) and my hamstring felt a little achy, but with the humidity and the fact that we have one more day of school before Spring Break, a little slow running is understandable. It also means Friday will be a “rest” day–no running, but certainly lots of exercise in patience.

Bring on Spring Break!