1, 2, 3

That’d be my mileage this week.

I’m allowed to run if my knee pain stays below three on the pain scale. Well, I say knee pain but I’m still not sure where it’s originating. Sometimes it’s behind my kneecap, but others it’s more on the side like IT band. This week it focused more on the lower hamstring.


Monday I ran a mile before core class–definitely not pain-free, but within range. Tuesday I met my training group for a track workout, except the track was closed so we ran around the school’s parking lot. Slightly less squishy than the track, and after two miles I realized I was favoring my left leg which threw off my gait. Rather than let the imbalance cause more problems, I stopped after two miles.

After my sports doc worked on it Wednesday, I got ambitious and set out for three miles Thursday morning. The first two were pain-free, but unfortunately I was still a mile from home when it flared up again. It hovered right around that three so I kept running, making sure I was striding evenly, but I felt disappointed that I don’t seem to have made much progress over the last couple of weeks.

Insult to (literal) injury? The weather is perfect for running–it was sunny and 40-something this morning. Not only that, we had a faculty lunch this week–enchiladas and a gazillion desserts. Students gave me chocolates and other goodies. And Tuesday night my running group went out for tacos.


My paltry six cumulative miles burned nowhere near enough calories to offset the holiday eating. Yeah, I’ve done a half-dozen 30-minute Fitness Blender workouts, but I feel like I’m losing ground fast.

Resting/not running didn’t help, and short runs haven’t made it any worse, so I’m going to keep trying. Foam rolling, stretching, and … crossing my fingers.