No rest for the weary

I felt pretty good the day after the Army Ten-Miler.

Monday was a student holiday, but teachers had a professional development day. After the morning session, I had a lunch meeting (the other option was an hour after school, so lunch worked just fine for me) and then led one of the afternoon sessions. Which means I didn’t get to sit down a whole lot on Monday. So naturally, I went to core class and ran three miles with S afterward.

Tuesday, though, I felt some muscle soreness in my quads. I went to the track for our training run, and I wanted to go home after the warmup mile. I stuck around and ran four laps, then a half-mile cooldown. My 2.5 miles felt much longer.

By Wednesday, my weekend of race travel plus two days of workouts caught up to me and I took a rest day. Thursday I ran 4.25 miles (no hills!) and felt okay, just some mild residual soreness. We had a late night Friday (high school reunion) so the 5:45 alarm, after not quite five hours of sleep, kinda made me want to cry.


But I got up and shuffled out of the house to meet my friends for ten miles. Because now that I’ve completed my race, it’s time to help S build up mileage for her November half-marathon. I wasn’t excited about running ten on another warm morning, but I figured we’d take it slowly and I could suck it up. After all, she helped drag me through summer miles for my race.

I knew from the beginning it was gonna be a challenging morning. A mile an a half in, I already felt muscle fatigue. We ran from Rogue to Brushy Creek Trail, then zagged up a rocky path to the neighborhood where we ran on the streets until the water stop at mile four. From here, to get to ten miles or more, we’d have to run the extra distance in two-mile segments. I decided the others could run their loop and I’d walk a bit, then I’d join them again for the four-mile return trip.

I didn’t turn my Garmin on so I’m not sure how far I walked, but I got back to the water stop with time to spare. While I waited, I stretched and rested my tired legs.

The reverse route seemed slightly less difficult (perhaps the rest helped?) but by the time we finished, I was definitely ready to be done. Although dropping down to eight miles felt like a good decision, I started to beat myself up for my slow pace and shorter distance. But S reminded me that rest is a good thing and there’s nothing wrong with taking it down a notch after a big race.

Besides, tonight Texas plays at home, which means a couple of miles walking to and from the stadium, up and down stairs inside the stadium, and lots of standing during the game. No rest for the weary.


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  1. Ouch that sounds tough. But good on you for returning the favour and helping S out- that’s what runner friends do! I know countless friends who would happily pace me through a tough race or keep me company on the training run, and I would return the favour for anyone that asked! x

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