People of Walmart

Rogue CP doesn’t open its new training facility for another two weeks, so we had to improvise this weekend. We met at Northcross–the Walmart opens early, so we borrowed their facilities. My water bottle tucked in the back of my shorts and my running belt in the front created suspicious-looking bulges under my shirt, but fortunately no one accused me of shoving merchandise into my clothing.

Our route looped around Allandale and Crestview–much flatter than some of our field trips. The first three miles–and two water stops–seemed to go by quickly. But after we crossed Burnet Road into Crestview, time dragged a little more slowly. We amused ourselves by admiring people’s yard ornaments–my favorite was a dinosaur–and waving at people’s dogs. No one believed me that the food at Dart Bowl is amazing, though.



Our unofficial water stop at the halfway point turned into more of a halftime break as we sat on the curb discussing our mileage plan for the next few weekends. Good thing we carried our own water because we turned around before the water cooler at the five-mile mark; our next chance for a refill would be the one we hit at mile three and would pass again on the way back.

My pace on the return trip dropped as the sun rose higher and my legs felt the fatigue of my first week back at school. But the last half-mile I managed to pick it up, telling myself to finish strong. Of the nine miles, my last mile was my fastest.

When we got back to the parking lot and our meeting spot, we had to dodge a guy sleeping in his car and not one but two discarded (used) diapers. Someone joked about shoppers looking at us oddly in our sweaty running clothes, but c’mon. We wore shorts and shirts. People of Walmart have seen way worse than us.



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  1. I know that area off Burnet very well– I used to run there all the time! Sometimes I consider driving there and running some of my old routes. The lawn ornaments definitely kept things interesting!

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    • Yeah, in high school we spent a lot of time at Northcross. There used to be a record store at North Loop and Burnet we went to all the time too. It’s different on foot, that’s for sure! (and mumble-mumble years later…)


  2. Haha, this totally cracked me up. I JUST this second placed an order at Walmart….their website actually carries some good stuff. Every time we step into one we cringe and wonder what we were thinking. That place is scary. Then we pay the bill and remember. It’s a love/fear relationship!

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