What the hill?

August weather is usually pretty easy to predict around Central Texas. We joke that the weather forecasters sit in their jammies at home, literally phoning it in. Low 80, high 100. Wear sunscreen and avoid the outdoors during the hottest part of the day. Repeat.

Except not this week.


Did we jump ahead to October??

Thursday after work it was 82*, and that’s the warmest I’ve seen since Saturday. No wait, I think it was 87* at lunchtime. But Monday through Wednesday, the high was only in the upper 70s, and it’s been raining all week–6-8″ since Sunday.

So this week I’ve run more than usual because I just can’t pass up these conditions. Rainy 4.25 miles on Sunday, rainy three miles after core class on Monday, overcast for a two-mile time trial (plus a mile each way, out and back) on Tuesday, and overcast again for three miles around my ‘hood Wednesday. That leaves Thursday: hill day.

I parked at the middle school at the top of the hill. I ran the same sequence as last week–down and up the short hill (half-mile each way), quick water break at my car, then down and up the long hill (one mile each way). But because it was 25+ degrees cooler than last week, it felt a little easier and I hardly stopped for water at all. And I ran the long uphill straight through with a little pickup the last quarter-mile.


Let’s hope the weather gods continue to smile on us for our eight (nine?) miles on Saturday morning. And by smile I mean give us more cloudy, drizzly skies. 😉