Rainbows and silver linings

Right before we left for South Padre, I got a call from school. I was given a choice of three classrooms–none of which was the one I’ve occupied since 2006–and needed to move my stuff ASAP. Since I was gone the rest of last week, it had to be Monday. I was not looking forward to it.

I recruited some NJHS volunteers, and in about two hours we had almost everything packed. It looks much worse than when we started, but that’s because the contents of nine bookshelves and a cabinet filled up about 25 boxes scattered around the room, in addition to everything I’d packed up for summer. I have a lot of stuff.

I’m dreading the work involved, but in the end, it will be a good move–I’ll have a newer classroom with a lot more technology, and I’ll be right across the hall from the other two 7th grade Language Arts teachers. So… silver lining.

Like last Monday’s post-core class run. The one where we felt like we were running in an oven with a hair dryer blowing on us. I started dreading this week’s version around 2PM yesterday.

I’d just walked in the door for core class when the skies opened up and dropped a monsoon-like rain on Central Texas. It rained on and off for the next hour, but when S and I walked outside to run, we both groaned. Humidity, emerging sun, ugh. But really, it wasn’t that bad. Temps had dropped 15 or 20 degrees, and it was still drizzling a little.

I’m slow in the summer–I generally run by effort, not pace. But most of my weekday runs have averaged in the high 11-minute miles (not including multiple water breaks) so it was a nice surprise when we ran three miles straight through, with our last mile in the high 10s.


We only stopped once the whole run–to take this picture.

These little summer showers and brief respites from the heat always remind me that running will get easier in the fall.

More silver linings.