Catching up

Over ten days, we drove through nine states, stopped in twelve cities, stayed in five hotel rooms and at a friend’s house, and put not quite 3000 miles on the rental Nissan. Vacation level: expert.


But we’re back, which means unpacking, catching up on laundry, and sorting through the mail while two cats (who clearly missed us) stay close by, underfoot and in my lap. Oh, and getting back into my exercise and running routine.

I ran seven of the ten days we were gone, plus racked up from 12,000 steps to 27,000 depending on the day, so it’s not like I was sedentary. But I already missed those cool(er) morning runs and kinda dreaded getting out there in the Austin heat again.

Wednesday morning meant 5:30 AM Fit to Run class, made slightly more difficult due to the still-ridiculous bruise on my left knee. The hopscotch and one-legged jumping presented a particular challenge. I kind of limped through it and our subsequent two-mile run.

By Thursday my knee felt better, so I did the 45-minute Fit to Run homework, a combination of short runs mixed with squats and pushups. Then Friday morning I met some friends at BCT for our long run a day early. We had worked out a seven-mile route–two miles one direction, then five the other way. In my mind, if we ran the five-mile stretch first, it would be extremely difficult to pass our cars and keep going for that additional distance, so we went that way first.

It was still somewhat dark on that first leg, but much of the path followed the road and was reasonably well-lit. On the way back through the parking lot we dropped off our lights and topped off water bottles. My legs already felt fatigued, but since the seven-miler was my idea, I couldn’t very well bail out at two. So we forged ahead.

A nice breeze helped a little, but I still needed to stop for water every mile or so. I also walked some of the hilly sections–the incline bothered my knee a bit, plus if I’m being honest, I didn’t have much energy for it–so it took kind of forever. The last half-mile, my legs were toast and I lagged behind the others but I eventually managed to drag myself the final distance.

Saturday morning, I got to sleep in since I’d done my long run the day before. If  you can call it “sleeping in” when my giant Maine Coon cat persistently walks over me every thirty minutes like clockwork, yowling and bumping my face with his nose until I get up.


Eventually I mustered the energy to complete another round of the FTR homework. This workout would be a lot easier if I started before 10am, considering the three increasingly-longer rounds of running between sets of exercises. The sun was almost directly overhead by the time I finished the last one. Yarg.

But I finished, and I think I’m caught up now.




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