Good eats

I knew this day would come eventually.

The day it was warm and sunny when we headed out for our morning run.

The plan was three miles, mostly along the lakefront. My Garmin struggled to find a signal outside our hotel, and once again it overestimated my abilities. But once we got closer to Millennium Park and the Lakefront Trail, it became more accurate.

We ran along the lake down mostly in the sun, and stopped for water at Shedd Aquarium before turning back. Unlike yesterday, we passed lots of runners going both directions.

We meandered a bit under Lakeshore, then back over the river to our hotel. But our planned three-miler turned into an inadvertent 4.8 miles. Oops.

And I still don’t think it offset our subsequent lunch at Taste of Chicago in Grant Park.

We probably walked a mile or so each way to and from Grant Park, and I racked up 24,000 steps before 3pm, so it’s not like I’ve been lazy. We call it Vacation Death March–gogogogo, maximize limited time to see everything a city has to offer.

But after six days of that, it was time to hit the pool.