seventeen syllables

Saturday morning

alarm jolts me awake to

“Chariots of Fire”


running in summer

hot, humid, dying out there

I complain a lot


scorching sun above

I live in Satan’s Armpit

not fun anymore


Repeat after me:

“Summer sweat brings fall PRs.”

Get your ass out there.


Sunrise? I don’t care.

I’m not a morning person

I will run tonight.


sweat drips down my back

I shuffle along slowly

how much longer now?


feels like an oven

should a human sweat this much?

more Gatorade please


trudging up the hill

everything hurts, I’m dying

finished fourteen miles


I could work harder

but I wimp out easily

when I run alone


one more mile to go

I’ve been out here forever

time for coffee now?


watch says 5.9

must run through the parking lot

for a round number


one hundred degrees

is not good running weather

suck it up, princess


don’t work out inside–

running in rain, cold, or heat

will make you badass


only some people

can survive the Hunger Games–

runners are prepared


don’t trust the first mile

sometimes the middle sucks too

I love being done


How far must I run

to offset Mexican food?

That’s a long damn way.


all I think about

during my last two miles are

coffee and tacos


running in the heat

sucks the life out of me now

but pays off in fall


Why do some drivers

harass women out running?

Just leave me alone.


running friends kick ass

I’d never succeed alone

they make me better


drivers don’t see me

I’m in danger when they are

looking at their phones


sunny for my run

then a rainstorm cools things down

story of my life


I’m not thin or fast

I don’t look like a runner

twelve half marathons


wait just a second

no GPS signal yet

can’t run without it


ten-mile run today

burned 1000 calories

let’s eat all the things


six boxes of shoes

stacked in the closet because

they were on clearance


I’m disappointed

when a finisher’s medal

isn’t all that great


I think I own more

running gear, race shirts, and shoes

than anything else


long race almost done

I can see the finish line

yes I reached my goal


Piña coladas!

Wait, I’m signed up for a race?

I thought they said rum.