Channeling Alice Cooper

I always tell my students, “I can’t miss you until you go away,” and on Thursday, they left.  But as much as I love summer break, the last day is always a little bittersweet. Dozens of them wrote kind, nostalgic words in my yearbook, many of them stopped to hug me, and even a few older kids came by to say hello/goodbye. And this year, my own child is part of the group moving on to eighth grade. Still, celebration permeated the air. (At least I think it was celebration. Could have been Axe.)

alice cooper 3

But today doesn’t really feel like  vacation yet, since it’s a typical Saturday with a 6am alarm.

I don’t know if it was Wednesday’s hill repeats, lack of recovery from last weekend’s half marathon, or general malaise, but I was not feeling it this morning. My Garmin agreed–it went back to sleep between the time I started running (I swear I saw the green arrow) and .35 miles in, when I noticed it was not actually  participating in the run.

The first two miles went by slowly. I think we hit the second water stop somewhere around mile three, and while we originally planned to turn left for the loop that made it a six-mile route, I suggested perhaps we turn right and head back a mile early. I had slept wrong and my lower back hurt, it was humid (more storms and flooding hit last night), and I didn’t feel well. Clearly not relishing the thought of dragging my sad carcass along for another three miles, they agreed.

alice cooper 4

By the time we got back, my drunk Garmin had only counted 4.65 miles (even though I definitely saw the five-mile alert screen just before we turned into the parking lot) of the five we actually completed. I say completed because, well, some walking was involved. And a pit stop.

But we’re not training for anything specific right now, just trying to keep our long runs in the 5-8 mile range. We’ll run longer next weekend. I mean, it’s not like I have to be anywhere for a while.

alice cooper