I accumulated 28,000ish steps during my 14-miler on Saturday morning and 32,000 before lunch, yet I finished the day with 34,300 steps. That tells you everything you need to know about how I spent the rest of my day.

Sunday I went for a bike ride–nothing too strenuous, but sufficient to loosen up my tired quads. I also did some lower-back Pilates exercises to address the weakness I felt starting around mile seven or eight.

It was perhaps a tactical error to run 14 miles right before STAAR testing Monday–I was required to “actively monitor” a group of testing adolescents for the better part of five hours, rarely getting to sit down.

But that did not stop me from going to to core class for the first time in a couple of weeks. Lots of squats? Check. Push-ups until my arms gave out? Check. Abs that hurt when I sneezed? Check. Three-mile run afterward? Um, sort of. I cut it short and ended up with 2.5 miles.

Tuesday brought more “active monitoring,” then our evening training run was supposed to be a tempo workout of some kind, but I knew from the first mile I wasn’t recovered enough for that. I ran five miles, the last two dragging big-time. I made it, but it hurt. Too much too soon, clearly.

Therefore Wednesday’s workout focused solely on the upper body. And foam rolling. Lots of foam rolling.

Today was the final day of testing–my kids were done on Tuesday, but eighth-graders had two more exams on Wednesday and Thursday, so the other grades weren’t allowed to go to class. So we babysat (read: watched movies) all morning. All told, we lost four full days of classes. It sounds innocuous, but the reality of watching kids take tests, then sitting around (while trying to keep them quiet so they don’t disturb those who are still testing) is tedious at best. Throw in the fact that I don’t know 2/3 of the kids in my classroom at any given moment, plus I don’t get so much as a restroom break during these four- and five-hour blocks, and I’m kind of grumpy about the whole enterprise.

This afternoon I’m hoping to get out for four-ish miles, both to get back on track with my training and to burn off the bullshit of this week. My race with K is three Saturdays from now, so I’ll drop down to ten miles this weekend. I hope it will feel easy compared to fourteen, since that was the point of going so far, really.

Let’s hope my quads are up for it.