Low mileage, but not a restful week

I didn’t exactly rack up the miles this week.

After last Saturday’s failed long run, I went out Sunday for an easy 20-minute run to see how my back felt. Not 100%, but only mildly sore rather than painful.

Monday and Tuesday I had evening work events, which meant no Monday core class or run, and no Tuesday training group run. Monday’s event was at the school board where 24 teachers were honored by the board for achieving or renewing National Board Certification. Because the district offices are downtown, we left my school early, parked, and walked over to Whole Foods for dinner.


National Board was a grueling process; renewal only slightly less so. Achieving certification (twice!) is one of the proudest achievements of my career, and I appreciate the board’s recognition.

I ended up with more than 14,000 steps, but none were from running.

Tuesday was my school’s National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony. The two of us co-sponsors and about 15 eighth-grade volunteers had two hours to locate the sound system (it’s usually set up for us already), set up three tables of cake and punch, prepare candles for the officers’ candle-lighting, strip 100 roses of thorns and tie blue and white ribbons on the stems, make and fold 300 copies of the program, run through the officers’ presentations with them, then get 100 new members organized in alphabetical order for the processional and seating. The ceremony itself went smoothly, and afterward  a couple of parents sought me out for pictures with their new NJHS-member kids. My own child was forcibly photographed with his certificate and his mother. 😉

IMG_3212 (1)

I’d eaten pizza for dinner (we feed our teen volunteers as efficiently as possible) and my only exercise was running around the school for three hours, so when I got home and it was still light out, I quickly changed clothes and managed two miles before it got dark. My back felt fine, even after the almost 19,000 steps I’d accumulated–I mean, I only ran two miles, so 15,000 steps came from the work I put in getting ready for the ceremony. In comparison, a typical workday gets me around 8,000 steps.

I enjoyed both of my events for different reasons, but by Wednesday I was glad to go home right after work. I hoped that the water had receded along Brushy Creek Trail–it’s got more shade than in my neighborhood, and I wanted to get back on track with a five-mile run. Unfortunately the trees blocked most of the breeze, so the still, humid air did me no favors. I stopped several times for water and a breather, but the trail was indeed open all the way and I got it done.


More rushing water than usual

Thursday I did a squat-heavy Fitness Blender workout, then went out for that 20-minute loop. Except I stopped at my house for water at just over one mile and never made it back out. My legs were toast.

Last night, B’s lacrosse team had a rare Friday game. They played a very physical 8th grade team–often B was up against kids six inches taller. Some of them looked old enough to have driven themselves to the field. These were guys almost ready to start high school–a player who’s old for his class could be nearly 15 years old; B, on the other hand, is young for his class and doesn’t turn 13 for two more weeks. BIG difference. But that didn’t prevent him from stopping one kid with his body  and using his smaller size to get under their sticks for ground balls. His scrappy little team played tough against kids young adults who had a clear physical advantage. They lost 2-4, with much credit to his team’s goalie who had at least 10 saves, maybe more like 15.

Tomorrow morning we’re running a 5K put on by a local sandwich shop. It’s a the nearby high school and it was inexpensive, so with the Chuy’s race gone, we figured why not.


It’s going to be humid and warm–I ran the two-mile loop again this morning to shake out my muscles a bit, considering my low-mileage week–and since it had stormed again last night, the air felt soupy and gross. But then again, I’d slept for ten hours and didn’t get out until 11am. Maybe it will be better at 8 tomorrow morning.

And guess what? I’ve saved the best part for last.

After the 5K, I’m driving out to the airport to collect J! She’s coming here for work again but managed to get a flight a day early. We’re going to go to B’s last lacrosse game, then kick back at her fancy-schmancy Barton Creek hotel for the day. The weather forecast is iffy, but we’ve already proven we can have fun just about anywhere together, so whatever. Umbrella drinks taste the same at an indoor pool and an outdoor one. And we’re planning a longer run Monday morning, just like old times.

For once, I’m looking forward to a Monday. 🙂


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  1. I love the difference in boys at that age…it is amazing to see children and grown men still in the same age group!


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