Held back

We got so much ran last weekend, with more on the way Monday morning, that most of the local school districts delayed school by two hours. It wasn’t actually raining at my house, so I went out for a short run before heading to work. That kept me from having to fit it in before or after core class later in the day.

We slogged through the humidity for Tuesday’s track workout, and Wednesday I dealt with some work drama and only managed a short Fitness Blender workout. Thursday I drove out to the trail intending to run five miles, but I had to turn around at about 1.8.


The trail is somewhere under all that water.

I managed four miles by taking a short out-and-back detour on the way back, but I blew off going all the way to five. It was hot and I felt sluggish and leaden.

I didn’t get good sleep last night all week so as usual, I was not brimming with enthusiasm this morning, but it was a pleasant, cool morning for our planned ten miles.

The first two miles I distracted myself everyone around me with the Work Drama story, but I ran out of story by 2.5 miles in. And then I noticed my lower back was feeling achy. Sometimes I sleep weirdly on my stomach, arching it too much, and have to do the cow-cat yoga stuff to stretch it. But I hadn’t felt that this morning, so I couldn’t explain why it hurt. All I knew is before the second water break, I had to walk because of the discomfort.

We got moving again and I ran most of the next mile. Not easily, but tolerably. It wasn’t a stabbing pain, but more like someone was squeezing the muscles.

At one of the dead-end streets, two of our companions went left for the six-mile route while S and I turned right for the longer one. I tried, but I could not start running again. So we walked some more. At first I told myself we’d just walk the uphills. But uphills became downhills, still walking.

Knowing we’d reach a third water stop in a half-mile or so, we tried running again. I managed it, but the muscles just wouldn’t shake out and it was obviously getting worse each time I tried to run. I couldn’t even straighten up completely. I knew then it would be unwise for me to attempt ten miles. At the water cooler I made the call: turn left and head back.

I thought about walking just for a bit, then trying to run some more, but I eventually decided to cut my losses. Running another half-mile or whatever wasn’t going to improve my fitness, but it could very well cause harm. So we walked.

In the end, I think we ran about half of the 7.2 miles my Garmin said we covered.

I found some Advil in my backpack, did some stretching, and met the others for coffee. Somehow my drink got overlooked, so I was coffeeless for much more time than I was prepared for. But we found a table outside in the sun. I guess the Advil did its thing, because sitting and chatting for more than an hour didn’t bother me. But once I got home, I could feel it tightening up again. So… I guess I’ll rest it this afternoon.

Two steps forward, three steps back.