Take it easy

Now that the time changed and it’s light in the evenings again, I’ve returned to running after Monday’s core class–I’m convinced that extra run, even though it’s only three miles, contributed to my success this fall and winter, and I’m glad I can fit it in again. So this week’s mileage looked pretty good.

Sunday: 20-minute recovery run

Monday: core +  three miles

Tuesday: 4.25 miles (two-mile time trial at the track plus 1.25 miles out and back–we walked .25 of the return trip so I didn’t start my Garmin until we ran again)

Wednesday: 84-minute Fitness Blender total body workout

Thursday: five miles

Friday: 45-minute Fitness Blender core/upper body workout

My last two long runs were solo ten-milers, and I’ve been running five instead of 4.25 miles on Thursdays, so I’ve felt a little fatigued lately. Nothing hurts, I’m just not running at 100%. Even though temps were in the low 50s–great running weather–with the Austin 10/20 coming up next Sunday, I decided to take it easy (easier, anyway) this morning. I had not one but TWO running buddies, neither of whom had run much the last few weeks, so we went out for a relaxed six miles.

Despite the cool temperature, the humidity was higher than usual and I felt this weird simultaneous mix of clammy skin and sweat-dripping ponytail. But the three of us had lots to catch up on and our chatter distracted us nicely, even going up the steepest part of the hill.

Turning around at (only) three miles felt mentally good, and the trip back had more downhill segments than uphill ones so it was less physically taxing as well. My stomach started to feel a little funky around 4.5 miles, but after stopping at the last water cooler (with a mile to go) I felt okay enough to run it in.

Our post-run reward? Coffee, of course.

This week I’m going to limit my cross-training workouts to upper-body stuff, since I want my legs to be recovered and ready to race on Sunday. I won’t decide until race time (or maybe even miles 1-2) whether conditions are right for me to run a PR race and get back those 30 seconds from the Army Ten-Miler, though.

take it easy

Guess we’ll find out next weekend.


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