Spring Break

The calendar still says winter, the bluebonnets and wildflowers say spring, but the temperature at last night’s training run went right to summer.



We’ve had great weather so far this week, as Spring Breaks go. Perfect for our day trip to Enchanted Rock, mini golfing next to (the very full) Lake Travis, and bluebonnet sightings. But not so much for 1K hill repeats.

It was in the 90s as I ran the 1.3-mile warmup to the bottom of the hill that forms the first leg of the workout. My legs still felt tired. I don’t know if it was leftover fatigue from Saturday’s ten-miler (I tried a short recovery run Sunday and was ready to quit after only .25 but stuck it out for 20 unpleasant minutes) or Monday’s hike up Enchanted Rock, or some combination of both. But whatever the cause, I felt “off” and was glad I didn’t have to run the longer two-mile warmup.

Not that it was much reprieve. The 1K loop has two uphill segments and two downhill segments (at hard effort) each buffered by easy segments. Most people ran between three and six loops–I ran four–with a water break between each loop. My uphills were roughly 5K pace, the downhills faster than that. I walked the easy segments. Still, getting up those short hills was tough. “It’s hard only until that car” and “you can rest at the street sign” mantras bounced around my brain.

Naturally, my legs felt even more tired on the way back. For once, I didn’t mind the brief rest while stopping for cars turning onto side streets. But it’s mostly downhill this direction, so the return trip required slightly less overall effort.

In the end, I ran right at five miles at an average pace I could not have touched the last time it was 90 degrees. But ugh, summer already? Even for Central Texas, mid-March is too early to break out the tank tops and shorts. Then again, our official weather motto is “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change.” Saturday’s forecast is 30 degrees cooler.



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