I love the smell of bluebonnets in the morning

For a number of reasons, this morning was the best chance for me to get in ten miles before the Austin 10/20 on April 3. But for other reasons, it was really hard to psych myself up to do it. Finally, sometime after 7, I made it out the door.

Like most weeks, the first mile sucked. But unlike last Saturday, it got better after that. Which is good, because the route was a loop and I pretty much had to commit to a distance at mile 2. So after that, I was running ten whether I wanted to or not.

We got five or six inches of rain this week, and clouds loomed overhead this morning as well. It was humid, but the temperature felt okay. Part of the route, maybe half a mile or so, followed a gravel trail on which the rain had left huge puddles. Dodging them was my least favorite part of the run. But bluebonnets had sprung up along sidewalks and roadsides, so at least it was picturesque.


Stereotypical Texas bluebonnet picture

This part of the park spent several weeks underwater last fall, and evidently that killed off the bluebonnets.


Top picture is from April 2015. I took the bottom one this morning. Same field, although a different vantage point.

The next two miles followed the paved trail I run once a week or so. It was a lot busier than it had been during the rain on Thursday, although it could have used one fewer patron–the guy who was walking a dog and smoking a cigarette. Thanks for the asthma attack, dude.

From here, I left the trail and followed the sidewalk for a couple of hilly miles, and even though I was alone (and the sun had come out) I forced myself to run the uphills. Go me. Then it began drizzling, which felt kind of nice after the sunny interlude. The last mile and a half, the sun came back out and added a degree of difficulty to finishing. But that last stretch was my fastest, and I’m pretty happy with my mile splits. I felt slow, but my miles were respectable. Especially considering I did not have my usual whip and chair buddies to keep me moving, and this was the furthest I’ve run since 3M.

And now, shower, compression socks, and coffee. Anyone care to join me on the couch with a book?


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