Exercise, therapy, and a shower … All at the same time

Halloween. Valentine’s Day. The week before Spring Break. 

These are times that try men’s souls a teacher’s patience. Add in thunderstorms, several “sorry for the short notice, must do this today!” requests, SXSW, and a bunch of schools dismissing early on Friday, well, things were crazier than usual all week. 

So even though it was drizzling and traffic was hideous, I drove out to the trail on Thursday to burn off some stress. No cars were parked at the trailhead, and the first mile I encountered not one person. In fact, by the time I turned around at 2.5 miles, I’d only passed two runners. Yeah, it was wet and about 60*, but I didn’t expect to be able to count on one hand the number of people out there. 

The rain caused the creek to swell, fed by waterfalls and runoff channels. Bluebonnets began to bloom (although the grounds crew had inexplicably mowed over a swath of them) and a large crane-like bird stared at me as I passed. 

On the way back, I passed only a few more people. Two runners, a couple of walkers, and a cyclist. But it was truly the quietest I’ve ever seen the trail. Yeah, my shirt was damp and my shoes got a little muddy walking back to my car. But it was cool and pleasant and it felt good to be out there. Refreshing, even. 

Let’s be honest though. I still needed a shower when I got home. 


4 thoughts on “Exercise, therapy, and a shower … All at the same time

  1. This is my first spring as a runner and a teacher, and I’m a much calmer teacher because of the running. It’s amazing just how wonky kids get these first few weeks of spring!


  2. I ran the other morning at 5 am. I didn’t see a single person….so creepy. I don’t think that has ever happened before.


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