Spring has sprung

Central Texas, for all its weird weather, has had the mildest winter in recent memory. After Thanksgiving I brought my front porch plants inside, but I don’t think temps really dropped below freezing for very long–my plants could have stayed out all winter.

So it was no surprise that trees and flowers are starting to bloom, and the sounds of birds chirping accompanied our run this morning.


The plan was to meet at the trail at eight for five miles–I’m still recovering from the travel sleep deficit, so starting later helped me out there. I mean, Wednesday through Friday nights, I fell asleep before 9pm! The older I get, the harder it is to bounce back, I guess. Anyway, we planned to run five, before resuming a regular training schedule on Tuesday.

Temps were in the 40s, although when we dropped down next to the creek a half-mile in, it felt much colder, at least until the trail rose back up again around 1.5 miles. But it was perfect running weather. We took a detour for water near the halfway point, and we stopped just before the last hill so I could use my inhaler. But none of us felt like pushing hard, so we just chatted and trotted along. My legs were a little tired, but much better than Wednesday’s run, when it became clear that I needed to trade out my shoes for new ones, and Thursday’s when the new shoes were laced too tightly and just weren’t quite right.

The creek was up a little–apparently  it rained last weekend while I was gone–and squirrels kept leaping out at us. Add in the chirping birds and it sounded like one of those relaxing nature sounds apps. At least until someone ran by listening to music sans headphones, or when we passed the group doing crossfit or something while the instructor (and accompanying music) blared through a speaker the size of a suitcase.

After we got back to our cars, my friends hit the road. I drank a little water and decided to go out to the half-mile marker again to round out another mile. So I ended  up with just over six, and I feel pretty good about resuming my training this week.

But for now, I’m going to sit down with my book and call it recovery.


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