Alllll by myselllllllf

For a number of reasons, I’m running mostly on my own the next two weeks.


This morning I slept in, then headed out to the trail around 8:30. Late enough that I didn’t need the alarm and could sorta feel human, but early enough that it was still cool out.

I had run a strong solo six-mile hilly workout on Tuesday, but our 4.5-miler on Thursday was a bit of a fail–it’s warm here again, and we felt sluggish and blah the whole time. I hoped that after my Friday rest day, I could attempt a slightly higher number this morning. I knew I’d be on my own, so I dug out my headphones and podcasts to catch up.

For the most part, it was uneventful out there. The weather was sunny and cool, and I didn’t push my pace much at all. It was really just about time on my feet.

It was the kind of morning that brought out lots of runners and walkers moving at various speeds, most of the time without bothering anyone else. But a couple of things annoyed me.

One, clueless people. The trail is about eight feet wide (or four people abreast), and it’s a multi-use trail, so walkers, runners, cyclists, kids on bikes, parents pushing strollers, and people walking dogs are all sharing this space in two directions. I tend to stick to the right edge of the sidewalk so that others can pass with plenty of room. But when someone talking on the phone and looking who-knows-where is walking toward me on my side of the trail and is completely oblivious, she deserves it when I yell at her to walk on the right damn side of the trail.

mr mom

You’re doing it wrong.

Two, dogs on retractable leashes. Most dog-walkers are good about reining in their leashes when other walkers or runners pass. But it scares me when these little dogs trot out on slack leashes into the middle of the trail toward me and I see a cyclist coming up behind them very quickly. Many cyclists are unreliable about announcing their presence so the owners don’t know a bike is approaching while the dog wanders right into its path. It seems like an accident waiting to happen, and I doubt it would end well for these small dogs. I feel far more comfortable passing a big dog on a regular leash than a little dog on one of these trip wires.

When I got home, I lodged these First World Problem complaints to M, but I didn’t realize I had activated Siri. The British guy who lives in my phone chastised me.


The actual quote was “Get your head out of your ass and PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT you’re doing.”

Siri never quotes me accurately.

Tomorrow I’m going out to the Austin Half Marathon to meet S on the course and run the last two miles with her–she and several other friends are finishing the Distance Challenge, and after all the times she dragged me through training runs and races, there’s no way I’m letting her finish this one all by herself.


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  1. We have plenty of those morons over here… down at the lake – my home round we even have 3 seperate lanes… walkers and runners – skateboarders and the likes and one for cyclists… often you will find those wallies on bikes on the pedestrian path… unbelievable 😊 we need those otherwise we wouldn’t have anything to laugh about… 😊😊😊


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