Okay, enough slacking.

Last week was really stressful at work, and I think that negativity infected everything around me. My runs were sluggish, I slept badly, I made many poor eating choices, and I felt cranky and snappish. (Sorry, people around me.)

Friday night, I fell asleep before 10pm, then got up at 6:15 to run. When I got out of the car, I realized the wind had picked up, and my long sleeved shirt would likely be insufficient. Thankfully, M had scored a Pearl Izumi windbreaker at some discount site and just the other day I’d stuffed it into my backpack. I ended up wearing it for most of our six-mile run, other than a mile-ish stretch into the morning sun. I complained a lot over the course of those six miles–cold and windy is not my thing–but we got it done. (Sorry, people around me.)

My sports doc was doing a gait analysis clinic when we returned–considering my recurring hip issues, I signed right up. And I learned that I turn my toes in just a tiny bit, which totally explains the adductor thing. Now I have an additional foam rolling assignment to keep it all in check.

Saturday night, I again crashed before 10pm, but this time I didn’t have to wake up with my alarm. I slept for more than ten hours. Man, I could get used to that.

After it warmed up a bit outside, I decided after two post-race weeks of laziness, it is time to move forward again. I drove over to the Brushy Creek Trail and set out for five miles.


I had to add another band to my ponytail. I don’t think I’ve ever had five before. 

Even though Garmin Connect is down and I haven’t been able to sync my run OR my 11,ooo+ steps, those five miles really happened! It was less cold, less windy, and less slow than yesterday’s six miles. It was a beautiful morning–sunny and crisp–and I felt pretty good. Unfortunately my headphones died about halfway in–weird, because I charged them last night–so I was stuck listening to my raspy breathing and thumping footsteps the rest of the way back. (Sorry, people around me.)

I don’t know that the upcoming week will be any less stressful than last week–in fact, most of February has the potential to kick my ass four or five different ways. But I’m going to work on managing things better and focusing on the positive.

For today, that’s a good run, then a hot shower, coffee, a book, and football.


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  1. A few “sorry”s in this one, but you managed to get two solid runs in, and figured out a few adjustments that will make future running better, so overall a win, and the only sorry worth saying is that you can’t show us the data, because your Garmin connect is down. 🙂

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