Dance of Joy

Anyone not running 3M next Sunday who wants to run the last mile-ish in with me? I have a giant time goal, and I would love someone to push me hard to a strong finish, especially if I get separated from my friends mid-race.

Sounds rather innocuous, right?

I plan to run with my two friends from last week’s Rogue 10K, but I know from personal experience that even with the best of intentions to race with others, I manage to get separated fairly often. I can handle that–I’ll have my music and I’m used to racing alone–but I also know that at the end of that 10K, without the help of others I would not have pushed myself as hard as I did. And since many of my running friends are more than up to this task, I took a shot in the dark that maybe someone would take me up on it.

What I got was, “Can you pick me up at 1040 on Friday or should I take an Uber?”

Um, what?


Yes, J is coming!

Several other friends will be cheering along the course too–last year they were real lifesavers at different points along the way, and knowing my friends are out there gives me a goal. All the way down Great Northern, “You’ll see them at Far West!” and “G will be waiting at the top of the last hill!”

These people make me so happy, I’m going to do the Dance of Joy with Balki and Cousin Larry.


At least until it’s time to leave for the airport.