Everything is … not awesome.

After Saturday’s eight-mile run on my sore hip, I kicked back on my double-decker couch, watching football and reading a novel.

Sunday I completed a couple of Fitness Blender core and upper-body workouts, and Monday I went to core class. I did the exercises my coach and sports doctor recommended, crossing my fingers it would feel well enough to run Tuesday.

I was supposed to run a 1.5-mile warmup, then three 1K interval circuits. But while the first half-mile felt significantly better than it had on Saturday, my hip definitely wasn’t 100% and I knew that pushing it with a hilly speed workout would probably undo whatever the progress I’d made over the last few days. So I bailed.

I waited for a friend to run a couple of circuits, then we headed back, walking the the first quarter-mile up  to the main road. And strangely, as we walked, the pain disappeared. Because of course. Still, I think I’d rather bail on the workout and be pain-free going forward than push too hard, possibly delaying full recovery, for the sake of one workout. The stubborn side of me was annoyed, but I’m slowly learning to make smarter choices.

The achy soreness returned somewhat as we ran back, and post-run foam rolling was excruciating. So I knew I’d made the right decision. But the stubborn side of me was still pissed off. It was a workout I liked and was decently good at–I’d run it really strong the week before the Army Ten-Miler and gave me a lot of confidence going into that race. Tuesday night, not so much.


So I’m going to back off the rest of this week. Do some Fitness Blender workouts, focus on hip flexor strengthening exercises, and use my foam roller and lacrosse ball instead of running. Maybe even take this weekend off from running too. I’m willing to make a short-term sacrifice to avoid a long-term one. The stubborn side of me is gonna have a difficult time sitting out, though.

But it has to do the trick, right??

Stay positive, stay positive.


5 thoughts on “Everything is … not awesome.

  1. Oof. I know allll about battling injuries for way too long and trying to train through them. Lately my hip has been bothering me (OK- since May. And I ran a half marathon with on and off residual issues.) I totally see a difference between doing my PT exercises and not. I need to remember that when I feel better it doesn’t mean I can stop!

    Good luck rehabbing and stay on top of everything, you’ll get there!!!


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