Could be worse, could be raini– oh, right.

“Alive! It’s alive! It’s alive!”

No, not my phone–somehow, even though it was 100% charged last night, it shut itself off overnight, taking my alarm with it. But about 45 minutes after it was supposed to wake me for my run with S, I raced around like a crazy person, throwing on my running clothes and shoes. I’m awake now…

I couldn’t text her to let her know I was running late–pushing buttons didn’t wake it up, plugging it into the charger didn’t wake it up, and I don’t remember the last time I memorized someone’s phone number. So I just got in the car and headed to our meeting place, hoping she didn’t think I’d blown her off.

While I sat at the light to get out of my neighborhood, I held down both buttons simultaneously, and after what seemed like forever, my phone turned on.


Phew. One disaster averted. It was a stressful way to start the morning, but I didn’t encounter more than a handful of cars, and all the traffic lights went my way. I managed to arrive only about ten minutes late.

Young Frankenstein

And then it started raining, plus it was at least fifteen degrees colder than yesterday, and still dark. But I had my water, my watch, and a hat, so at least I’d remembered the important stuff. I grabbed my water resistant jacket at the last minute, and we headed out.

walk this way

We chose this route because someone from my running group had set out three water and Gatorade stops, so we had a couple of built-in rest points. At the first one, I tied my jacket around my waist since the rain had let up a bit.

The few drivers we saw looked at us like we were nuts.


We turned around at 3.4ish miles, and the rain picked up on the return route. I didn’t bother putting my jacket back on, though, since it wasn’t too uncomfortable, temperature-wise. By the time we got back, my shirt, pants, shoes, and socks were completely soaked with rain. I’d run more than eleven miles in 12 hours, and I was tired.


I found a dry sweatshirt in the trunk of my car and pulled a windbreaker on over that, and we headed over to the Starbucks to refuel.



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