I don’t normally run very far on Sundays, but last Saturday I missed my long run, so instead I ran seven miles on the concrete path around the lacrosse fields the next day. I hadn’t done that in a while, so it was a nice change of scenery.


Because Texas

After I finished, I wondered if perhaps I’d made a tactical error running seven miles the night before school started. But even though I was on my feet a lot the first couple of days, I didn’t feel any ill effects from pushing my long run to Sunday night.

Today it was back to normal–S and I met at 6am to run ten miles. I am not a fan of this route, but the temps were a little cooler and it’s getting light a little later, so it could have been worse. The hills sucked, but we ran them–albeit slowly.

Three miles in.

Three miles in

Ever since that Post-Race Incident last December, I’ve been experimenting with fueling options–different gels, Sport Beans, you name it. And the Sport Beans work pretty well, but then I read an article about carrying actual food for mid-run sustenance. I know that’s kinda common for endurance events, but I thought maybe it could work for me as well. So twice now I’ve run ten miles with pretzels (the little sticks about the size of toothpicks) and Fig Newtons, plus the Sport Beans as a backup. The first time I also brought raisins, but I forgot them this morning.

I ate a few pretzels at each water stop–roughly every two miles–and a Fig Newton at the halfway point. I had a few pretzels left over and ate them when I finished my run. I know it’s difficult to prove a negative (what will help me NOT feel like shit at the end of a long race?) but so far, I feel like my hippie, crunchy-granola plan has been successful. No queasiness or Gatorade Re-Appearance. So I’ve got that going for me.

I also enjoyed watching my Vivofit step counter climb to 25,000 before 10am. Let’s not discuss the fact that I’ve only managed another 1000 since then, ‘kay?

Anyway, compared to this time last year, I’m really pleased with my progress. My summer Fit to Run classes and Fitness Blender workouts helped me drop more than ten pounds and wear Those Jeans again. I ran ten miles twice in August–slowly, but considering the summer heat, I consider just doing it a victory. And I still have six weeks before the Army Ten-Miler. Official training starts after Labor Day!


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  1. My first running coach said Fig Newtons were the perfect endurance running food. I get a healthier WW version rather than the mainstream fig newtons, but I’ve used them for years. And they are yummy as a bonus!

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  2. Sounds like a great idea to stock up on ‘real’ food. I’m not a huge huge fan of gels or anything like that as the idea of them seems a bit icky. I once completely bonked on a 6-mile run and stopped off at a corner shop to pick up a Nutrigrain strawberry breakfast bar. Cannot tell you how much I needed it, and now they’d probably be my mid-run snack of choice- if only because of how it brought me back to life the last time!

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