Time flies

Monday was the last day of my summer vacation.


Tuesday and Wednesday, we sat through meetings and trainings all day–rotating sessions on whatever new district initiatives, programs, and systems we’ll be expected to wade through this year.

district initiative

After I got home Tuesday, I attempted to run my 4.25-mile loop, but it was hot and I was sluggish. I think I stopped for water six or seven times–the traffic light out and back, the park out and back, and a couple more times along the way. After I got home, I had a headache and felt kind of funky–I’m pretty sure I overheated. Wednesday after work I completed a Fitness Blender workout, mostly lower-body stuff in my air-conditioned living room. My back was stiff from sitting around most of the day, and this helped loosen it up.

Thursday, I spent seven or eight hours performing various kinds of manual labor–arranging furniture, unpacking boxes, and restoring some semblance of order to my classroom. Three huge, heavy boxes of books had been stored on top of a bookcase four feet off the ground, and after struggling for a while, I (all 5′ 2″ of me) had to admit I couldn’t move them to the floor by myself. With all the trips up and down the stairs, moving everything around, plus the previous day’s workout, my quads were a bit sore by the time I got home.

But it had just rained, and the temperature hovered around 75. At 4:00 in the afternoon. In August.


So I took advantage of the 20-degree drop and headed out for that 4.25-mile loop again. This time, I ran about a minute per mile faster, and I only stopped three times–the traffic light out and back, and the water fountain my second time through the park. Despite the humidity (and the fact that my headphones died within the first mile) it felt … easier.

Tomorrow, instead of running double-digit miles, I’m playing in a charity softball tournament. I say “playing” like I’ve put on a softball glove since elementary school. But it’s for fun and a good cause, so what the hell. Sunday, B is participating in a youth triathlon, and Monday morning the madness begins again.

But for now, my Vivofit says I’ve been sitting here too long. Time flies!


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    • Definition of summer in the UK is different from mine. 😉 The last time I was there, everyone was going on about a heat wave and what to do if you’re on a train or in a tube station and become overheated. It was <70F (what's that, around 20C?), and I was wearing a windbreaker. 😉 But still, whatever's a normal summer for your area, it's a bummer when it's gone.

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