Jumped on the bandwagon

The fitness tracker bandwagon, that is.

I’ve thought about it for a while, but a couple of things held me back. One, I wear a watch (a custom-made one M gave me for my birthday five years ago) on my left wrist and a bracelet on my right–no upper appendages available. And two, I already have a Garmin GPS watch for running–adding another gadget seemed superfluous. Expensive too–these suckers cost around $100.

But M has one I bought him a year or so ago, and every evening I hear him announce, “I’m a Fitbit overacheiever!” because the device has told him so. He’s the opposite of a technology early-adopter, so if he likes it, I wondered if maybe I should reconsider. Still, I never really got past the “thinking about it” stage.

But I was poking around Amazon the other day and ran across some discounted devices, both Fitbit and Garmin Vivofit. I guess new versions have recently come out, so the older ones are on sale. Even better, I found a Vivofit further discounted to under $50. It’s bright blue, but $25 cheaper than the rest of the Vivofits. I tossed in a $3 black replacement band and called it good.

Thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, the Vivofit arrived today (the extra band probably has to take the slow boat from China). Unfortunately, it was after my 90-minutes of Fitness Blender workouts this morning, so after getting it set up, I’ve managed a grand total of 270 steps.

But tomorrow morning I’m meeting a friend to run ten or eleven miles, so I’ll get to break it in properly.



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  1. I love the idea of fitness trackers. Clients gave Rock and I the Jawbone UPband and we really enjoy it. But then another client gave him the Fitbit and he has been wearing the two and we both like the Fitbit better. I am sticking with mine til it dies yet again. Enjoy your new toy!

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