Runnin’ with the devil

This is my last full week of summer break, so I’m gonna enjoy a few more days sans alarm clock. That means I get up too late to run, though, so I’ve put it off until it cools down a little.

Central Texas had a mild start to the summer, but the last few weeks, someone’s turned up the temps. And all of those “How to beat the summer heat!” articles in running magazines only state what is brutally obvious to anyone who lives in this region: hydrate often, wear loose clothes, and don’t run in the heat of the day. Maybe this passes for advice in other climates, but in Texas in the summer, we select parking spaces not on proximity to a store’s entrance, but availability of shade. “The heat of the day” pretty much starts with sunrise.


Yep, still 95* at 9pm.

So for the most part, I’ve been running in the evenings. By 7:30 it’s not really cooler, per se, but at least the sun is low in the sky and not actively baking my skin. I take an electrolyte capsule before I leave, I wear sunscreen and a visor, and I run with water and stop every mile or so. It’s unpleasant, my pace is sluggish, and I end up swimming in sweat. But if I waited for temps below 90*, well, there’s always late September.

My mantra: running with Van Halen in this sauna all summer will pay off in the fall. 


4 thoughts on “Runnin’ with the devil

  1. I don’t know how you do it. I try to never complain about summer heat and running just because I HATE winter running. Thus why I got that gym membership last year (which was a gift from heaven during pregnancy!).


    • I don’t mind winter most of the time. But our winters are mild, comparatively. I have some friends running in this while pregnant–props to anyone who can do that! I was a lazy-ass when I was pregnant. 😉

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  2. I also am running around 7 pm or later because….shade. And, I think it is breezier at 7pm than 5am. I just keep telling myself to not worry about the pace and finish the run. I have a 1 mile race at the end of the month and a 10K at the beginning of September, and am scared about possible temps at those times.


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