Sleep or run?

I tried to continue my two-a-day workouts this week with a three-mile run after core class Monday evening, but that got more difficult Tuesday and Wednesday because I attended an all-day conference for work both days. I managed a four-mile run Tuesday after I got home, but that was it. Wednesday morning I got up early and spent an hour at my Fit to Run class, then raced home to shower and make coffee before hitting the road sitting in traffic on the way to the second day of the conference.

I hadn’t slept well Tuesday night, and I woke up about 20 minutes before my 4:50(!) alarm, which never bodes well. I was tired when I got home–the conference was great, and I was asked to present the social justice project some of my students created, but I spent a lot of time sitting, and the early start hadn’t helped.

I sat on the couch for a while. I ate some leftovers and pondered whether it was too early to go to bed. And then I got up, changed my clothes, laced up my shoes, and went out to run.

I thought I’d go a mile, maybe two. But then I passed the one-mile turnoff, and the two-mile one. In the end, I ran my usual three-mile loop. I got slower each mile and my legs were tired (and it didn’t take me an hour) but otherwise, pretty much this:

tiredAdmittedly, it’s easier to make this choice during the summer when I only had to get up early twice. Let’s see if I make these same choices when I go back to work for real.

Which is not something I want to think about yet. Where did July go??


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  1. I was doing two a days this week then forgot to set my alarm this morning for my run! But at least I got more sleep and I’ll just go longer tonight lol. Good job getting out there!


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