And with that…

… my trip to Galveston is over. 

This week I’ve run 20 miles on the seawall and on the beach, and I completed the Fitness Blender five-day challenge from my hotel room.  

Room with a view


Most of my runs were 3-4 miles, but last night I ran seven. In a straight line. With a maximum elevation change of 13 feet. Little kids wandered out in front of me, music (and cigarette smoke) blared from cars parked along the seawall, a friendly-looking dog tried to follow me, and a guy yelled “You’re doing great!” as I passed. 

Other than one stop for water each direction, I ran the whole way. Well, not including a stop at Rita’s.  

Seven miles = permission for ice custard happiness


The second half was slower than the first, mostly because I was running into the wind. But I won’t rule out post-custard lethargy either. 

Before I left, I learned that my 18-year old cat, who’d been in very poor health when we left on Saturday, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was not unexpected, but that didn’t make it any easier. So when I saw this note spray-painted on the sidewalk, it made me think of her. I wasn’t there to comfort her this week, but I hope she knows I did indeed love her very much.  

RIP Samantha


Time to head ’em up and move ’em out. 


One thought on “And with that…

  1. I lost my cat last year, and it was the worst. I’d had him for probably around 10 years, and he was like my shadow, always followed me everywhere, and no matter what he wanted to be with me. We had to put him down because he had been very sick for about a year and just wasn’t getting better. Its always nice though to see something positive when going through a hard time! Happy Running!


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