Morning, Sunshine

I’m not a morning person. But I have to say, we were a mile into our run before the sun came up, and we were finished with seven miles by 8am. Not bad.


We stopped for water a couple of times and once so one of my friends could pet a dachshund. And we spent a minute chatting with some other running friends we hadn’t seen in a while. All in all, I think we passed six people we knew.

It was humid and gross, and I was definitely sluggish the last two miles. I know I keep comparing myself to this time last year, but when summer started I’d planned to keep a Saturday “long” runs around 4-5 miles; instead I can go out and run seven miles and not struggle with it. It’s a good feeling!

This week I am headed to Galveston while B attends sea camp. I’ve committed to completing the Fitness Blender five-day challenge with some friends, and (unlike last year!) I’m looking forward to running along the seawall as far as I want. With a stop at Rita’s for Italian ice, of course. Hydration is important. 😉


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