I needed that

The last two times we attempted to run five miles on the Brushy Creek trail, we failed miserably. The first time, we started a little late and the heat combined with the fatigue from the previous day’s workout sapped  my energy. The second time, we tried an evening run and made it about three miles before throwing in the towel and walking the rest of the way back.

This week, our Wednesday morning class has been rescheduled to Monday (yeah, Monday AND Wednesday next week) so we decided to meet up at 7am today and try again. The earlier time helped–plus it stormed again last night (seriously Weather Gods, WTF?) and the runoff had left mud and puddles and gunk in places, but it was cooler than last time we tried to run.

And we did it!

We stopped once for water and a breather at the 2.5-mile turnaround, but otherwise we ran the whole way, including the hills.



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