Mostly dead

As I laced up my running shoes and left the house barely 24 hours removed from a hardcore (see what I did there?) strength workout, B stuck his head around the door and shouted, “Have fun storming the castle!”


I’ve trained him well.

Anyway, this morning at 8:00 S and I met up at the YMCA where the Brushy Creek Regional Trail begins. In hindsight, it was a tactical error as we had to navigate a steady stream of parents dropping kids off at YMCA day camp. But eventually we got going. She insisted that running would help loosen up our sore… everything. I suggested “misery” for the word of the day. But since I’m traveling tomorrow and will miss my Saturday long run, we needed to get out there.

The first mile wasn’t too bad. It’s mostly downhill or flat, but on the hillier segments my increasingly-sore quads expressed some concern. The trail was pretty quiet, some clouds obscured the sun periodically, and a good portion of our route was shaded. But ugh, the sunny sections very quickly sapped my energy.


We reached the sports park and decided to turn around just beyond it at the 2.5 mile marker. On the way back, we swung by the pavilion for a pit stop and water break. I noticed that the grounds crews had the sprinklers turned on (despite the recent flooding that has damaged the same trail we were running) and was glad I’d brought my phone in a ziplock bag.


I didn’t run through the sprinklers so much as … wander through five or six of them. Slowly. Then I turned around and went through them again. My shoes squished, my clothes were soaked, my hair dripped. But I started to feel kind of human again, especially after the breeze kicked up.

We ran-walked the 2.5 miles back. It was torture slow going, even in the shady spots. My quads were fried and I think my 12-year old can walk faster than I was running. In fact, a small boy on a scooter passed me. Twice.

It would have been nice to have Fezzik carry me, but that wasn’t an option so I finished under my own power. My shoes still squished, my legs felt like lead, I was out of water, and I was just completely sapped.

When I got home, B asked how I was feeling after my run. “Mostly dead,” I replied.


But since mostly dead is still slightly alive, once I stop sweating I’ll hang out on the couch, drink a lot of water, and start packing for tomorrow’s trip to Virginia and The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim!


4 thoughts on “Mostly dead

  1. K, so I totally had to Google this to find out you’re quoting The Princess Bride. Can you believe I’m a month away from 30 and still haven’t seen it? Everyone is horrified by this. A good reminder that I need to correct that immediately! 🙂


  2. I got back from my lunch run feeling mostly dead, too…cloudy, cool, and light breeze for the first mile and then suddenly sunny, hot, humid, and no breeze. Good luck and have fun in Virginia!


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