Roly poly obstacle course

Yesterday, the forecast for this morning predicted 98% chance of rain at 7am. But by the time I got up to meet  S, it had dropped to an almost negligible amount. It sprinkled on me as I drove, and the sky was overcast, but no rain.

But the recent rains have brought out some unusual sights. Well, unusual for drought-stricken Central Texas, anyway. Standing water in drainage ditches, running creeks, muddy yards and trails, and as I discovered this morning, a bumper crop of roly polys meandering around  the sidewalk.

These things were EVERYWHERE. I really didn’t want to squish them, so for at least two of our six miles, I ended up performing some kind of weird dance as I ran. I’m sure drivers wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

Which may be why I managed to lose my inhaler somewhere along the way. It was the spare one that I keep with my running stuff, and I can get it refilled relatively easily. But damn. I had no interest in retracing my steps for another six miles, so refill it I will.

After my run I drove almost an hour to B’s lacrosse tournament. They went undefeated during the regular season and had three games to play today. I got there near the end of the first game, then stuck around all day–their last game was at five. Their earlier games, they’d won 10-1 and 10-0, which is pretty much how their season had gone. But this one was a tough one. The teams traded scores a few times, and his team was up 5-4 at halftime.

Fortunately they got it together the second half, and they pulled away.


Now I am listening to four tweenage boys having a nerf war in the back yard. B turned 12 on Thursday, and we are squeezing in a sleepover after the tournament. Which is kind of like dodging roly polys all over again.