It’s only Tuesday

I generally go to core class on Monday nights–squats, push-ups, crunches, and a bunch of stuff whose names sound like rock bands. Monkeys, Planks, Superman, Medicine Balls.

Which makes running on sore legs Tuesday evenings a liiiiiitle more challenging. So did the rain and slightly overflowing creek.

IMG_0709[1]That was actually a reasonably long leap for my short legs.

It’s rained a lot around here over the past two weeks or so–the Highland Lakes are still critically low, but in general the area is green and smaller creeks are flowing.


And mushrooms.

With the rain, I pretty much had the reservoir trail to myself, although someone was fishing from a boat a little ways out into the water. I passed two dog-walkers in the park, and a random stranger honked at me while I waited for the light to change. No idea why–I was just standing there. But I finished a slow, soggy four miles on sore legs. I think blurting out answers to this week’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast kept me distracted, but tomorrow’s gonna hurt.

And it’s only Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “It’s only Tuesday

  1. Haha I hear all of this! I feel like between Pilates classes and 4 training runs a week I’m exhausted by the weekend…and now that it’s sunny all day and night in Alaska I spend my rest day hiking instead of resting! Oh well, I’ll sleep when winter rolls around 🙂


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