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I’ve had a couple of pairs of compression socks in my closet for a while, but I really only used them for recovery after a double-digit run.

Once I was allowed to run again, back in January, I started wearing calf sleeves. And while I think they look kind of ridiculous with my capri-length tights, they really do seem to help. I wore them for the 3M half marathoneverything hurt by the end of that race, except my calves. I’ve worn them on most of my runs since then too, including last night’s 5.5-mile hill extravaganza.

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Even more importantly, I have been wearing compression recovery socks after my runs. I used them after double-digit runs or races in the past (especially the Army Ten-Miler, after which I got on a plane for three hours) but now I put them on after just a couple of miles. Last Saturday morning I ran just over 10K in the icy cold, and the rest of the afternoon I wore my socks–I didn’t have any soreness at all. And at the end of last night’s aforementioned hill workout, my quads and calves were sore (in a good way, not in a recurring-injury way), but foam rolling and sleeping in my recovery socks meant that I woke up with no residual lower-leg achiness at all.

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I’m convinced that these socks and sleeves, or some combination of them, have helped my recovery. I don’t know if I’ll keep wearing them once the weather gets warmer, but for now I’m going with what works.


Do you wear compression sleeves when you run?

Have you tried recovery socks?


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  1. I’ve heard that you might not want t wear them for the really long runs (your muscles need to expand), but I say do what works for you! I wear them after long or fast runs and add ice baths, I feel great after those long ones!


  2. I usually wear compression calf sleeves when I run more that 5 or 6 miles, and they help so much. I was not a believer at first, but love them now. I have never thought to continue wearing them after a long race and will give it a try the next time it presents itself.

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